IsoMetrix launches Lumina ESG platform

IsoMetrix has introduced an all-in-one environmental, social and governance (ESG) application on an SaaS platform, IsoMetrix Lumina, to help operations comprehensively manage and report ESG and sustainability performance metrics.

The new release collects key data necessary to efficiently and accurately report on a site’s ESG  metrics functions – and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks. It also can aid in raising and managing related actions to improve overall ESG performance. 

“As ESG becomes an increasingly important topic globally, companies are finding themselves faced with growing amounts of legislation and regulatory oversight with regards to all aspects of their operations,” IsoMetrix said March 16 of the newly launched platform.

Using Lumina, sites can meet its ESG goals by complying with governance reporting requirements with regards to executives, investors, customers, rating agencies, regulators and operational stakeholders, and can reduce environmental impacts at the same time.

Additionally, the application can positively impact a customer’s social factors, such as diversity and inclusion, while finding operational efficiencies.

IsoMetrix Lumina has a number of features as well, including a capability for data to be gathered directly from people using data requests, inspections and surveys; a powerful calculation engine to measure carbon footprint; built-in and maintained ESG reporting standards; a powerful analytical layer that allows organizations to interrogate and visualize data; and included availability of specialized advisory partners to support ESG initiatives.

The company said it has the functionalities to support tracking ESG standards via the Indicators Library (including pre-defined question sets and other content aligned with GRI, SASB, WEF and TCFD standards) along with full audit tracking, built-in collaboration features, and “intelligent” assistants such as a data validation engine. It maintains a separate calculation engine. 

IsoMetrix Lumina is available now.

Source: IsoMetrix

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