Introducing Gill WearProtect IoT

Gill Sensors and Controls has released a new predictive maintenance system, WearProtect IoT, that combines its oil debris sensors with its new IoT data platform for equipment oversight and confident asset management.

Gill said the WearDetect oil debris sensor reduces unplanned downtime by continuously monitoring ferrous wear debris in lubricating oil to give the earliest maintenance warnings.

“This real-time condition monitoring, right in the heart of the equipment, is made all the more powerful when combined with the ability to collect, visualize and analyze that data using the Gill IoT Platform,” it added.

WearDetect IoT also allows alerts to be configured from multiple assets and multiple locations and sent straight to a PC, phone or other device, providing insight into gearbox and rotating equipment health. 

Other benefits include enhanced data collection and analysis, with data assimilated from remote sensors in one simple-to-use platform; remote monitoring and control, offering remote asset oversight enables timely maintenance; and scalability and flexibility, with the capability to add additional sensors to enable systems to meet changing requirements.

The company added that WearDetect IoT also real-time condition monitoring, precision sensing, trending data for predictive analysis, instant alerts, and a user-friendly intuitive interface with easy data access and settings configuration puts the user in control.

In addition to industrial machinery, the system’s applications include automotive production, cranes and wind farms. 

All Gill products are solid state, with no moving parts for minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Source: Gill Sensors and Controls