India Coal Ministry issues vesting orders for six mines

The Coal Ministry of India has issued vesting orders for six coal mines and agreements for two mines, bringing the agency’s total so far to 80 under its commercial auction scheme.

The ministry said the orders were issued on 14 December; out of the six coal mines whose vesting orders were issued, two coal mines are fully explored mines and the remaining are partially explored.  

The cumulative total for the six mines: 7 million tonnes per year, representing 2.1Bt of geological reserves. They will provide employment to 9,464 people both directly and indirectly.

Further, coal block development and production agreements (CBDPA) were signed for two fully explored mines.

Coal Secretary Shri Amrit Lal Meena urged bidders to expedite coal block operationalisation and assured full support of  the Ministry of Coal in getting requisite clearances.

“With this step, vesting orders have been issued for 80 coal mines till date with cumulative PRC of 151.5 Mt/y…[which] will generate employment for 2,04,821 people both directly and indirectly,” he added.

In related news, the ministry said on 18 December that it will launch a ninth round of commercial coal mine auctions on 20 December. It is poised to enhance the participation of more private players in the coal sector, fostering competition, efficiency, innovation and contributing to sustainable development.

A total of 26 coal mines will be offered. Seven coal mines are fully explored, while 19 are partially explored. Additionally, five coal mines are being offered under the second attempt of Round 7 of commercial coal that includes four CMSP coal mines and one MMDR coal mine. Of these, four are fully explored, and one is partially explored.


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