Immersive Technologies honors five miners

Simulator supplier Immersive Technologies has named the winners of its 13th annual Global Business Improvement Award that recognizes the most outstanding results achieved by mining companies who use simulation as a key driver in improving operational safety, productivity and maintenance.

This year’s winners were: 

Rio Tinto Kennecott (United States), shovel category. The miner completed a continuous improvement project targeting machine abuse and improved productivity of its P&H 4100 rope shovels. Results included a 7.3% improvement in payload, 51% reduction in swing impact alarms and 5% reduction in boom jacks.

Stevin Rock (UAE), excavator category. The company completed a continuous improvement project focused on production efficiencies for its Komatsu PC1250 fleet operators. Results included 12.1% improvement in load time, 1.7% improvement in truck payload, 5.3% improvement in loading cycle time and 7% improvement in load passes per truck.

La Cantera Desarrollos Mineros (Mexico), safety category. The miner partnered with Immersive Technologies to improve the integration of simulation training technology into their underground operation. Results included 81% reduction in operator-related safety events and 9% reduction in maintenance hours.

Tata Steel Noamundi (India), sustainability/environmental category. The company partnered with Immersive Technologies to improve its Hitachi EX1200-5D excavator productivity and Komatsu HD785-7 haul truck fuel efficiency. Results included 4% reduction in fuel consumption and 39% reduction in haul truck load times.

Copper Mine (Chile), truck category. An undisclosed Chilean copper miner partnered with Immersive Technologies for a haul truck-based Continuous Improvement Project targeting spot times on its Caterpillar 793 trucks under P&H 4100 shovels to maximize yield, while ensuring safe and responsible production. Results included 46% right side loading and 55% left side loading reduction in the field spotting times for trained operators.

Source: Immersive Technologies

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