Hexagon, NVIDIA to transform industrial digital twin solutions

Photo: Hexagon

Hexagon and computing company NVIDIA have announced a collaboration that will enable industrial digital twin solutions that unite reality capture, AI, simulation, data analysis and visualization to deliver real-time comparisons of real- and virtual-world models.

“Every industry is racing to digitalize their physical processes for the next wave of advanced automation,” said Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA. 

“In collaboration with Hexagon, we’ll bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds – a prerequisite for building digital twins – allowing us to train robots in virtual worlds and bring autonomy to everything that moves.”

As part of the partnership, Hexagon’s HxDR reality capture and Nexus manufacturing platforms will be connected to NVIDIA Omniverse, an open platform for developing and operating industrial metaverse applications via Universal Scene Description (USD) plug-ins. The connected platforms, powered by NVIDIA AI technologies, will provide benefits across Hexagon’s major ecosystems, including autonomous mobility, manufacturing and mining.

Hexagon is also developing an AI-enabled web application, based on NVIDIA Omniverse, which will allow teams to see real-time comparisons of digital twins and their physical counterparts, so they can accelerate decision-making while optimizing planning and operations. 

Sources: Hexagon and NVIDIA

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