Goldplay appoints Osterman, Kilofliski

Portuguese-focused, Canadian-based Goldplay Mining has tapped Christopher Osterman as its chief executive officer effective August 4.

Catalin Kilofliski, who has been appointed executive chairman, will continue to lead the company’s strategy while current board chair Deepak Malhotra has been appointed as lead independent director.

Osterman is a 40-year veteran of all stages of mining in Africa, North and South America and Asia. He has had key roles in the reconnaissance and initial discoveries of the Malku Khota silver deposit in Bolivia, the San Jose silver and gold mine in Oaxaca, Mexico and the Zuun Mod copper/moly deposit in Mongolia.

Recently, he served as a senior executive of First Mining Gold, which as the company built a largely indicated gold resource of 12 Moz of gold in eastern Canada through a series of acquisitions.

Goldplay holds several brownfield gold and copper-gold projects in Portugal and large district-scale gold and copper-gold projects in British Columbia’s Golden Triangle and southwestern BC.


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