Flanders, MES ink dual fuel collaboration

With a mutual eye on decarbonization, Flanders and MES have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to team on deploying dual-fuel technology for mining trucks.

The pair said earlier this month that the agreement will serve as a platform to advance aftermarket dual fuel technology consisting of natural gas and diesel for diesel engine haul trucks to reduce carbon emissions from haulage operations.

Flanders CEO John Oliver called the partnership “a significant step forward in our agnostic, interoperable fleet decarbonization offering strategy” and noted the work will catalyze immediate decarbonization initiatives into mine-ready reality.

Added CCO Wayne Chmiel: “Our teaming up will catalyze and scale the decarbonization of the mining industry ‘now’ while significantly reducing customers’ TCO.”

MES U.S. Vice President Justin Kobielusz said there is potential for dual fuel technologies to impact reducing carbon emissions in the mining sector.

“We look forward to collaborating with FLANDERS to bring MES Technology to market,” he said.

Source: flanders.com

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