Ericsson, Becker ink digital-driven private 5G deal

Ericsson and Becker Mining Systems recently announced a teaming that could advance the growing 5G trend in mining even further: a global reselling agreement for private 5G and private network solutions.

Under the deal, where Ericsson is Becker’s partner of choice, Ericsson will sell and deliver the solutions with a multi-country deal that will cover many countries including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Poland, Germany, France and Chile. Plans are already outlined for expansion into new countries in the future.

“5G is fundamentally transforming the mining industry,” the companies jointly said.

“The high availability of technological services is an essential requirement for the mining industry, necessary for increasing efficiency, economic savings, workplace health and safety and sustainability practices.”

The Private 5G technology is built on Ericsson’s successful 4G/5G radio and dual mode core technology and has use cases for both indoor and outdoor environments while easily integrating with business operations, devices and applications.

“The solution is fundamentally transforming the mining industry by extending technological capabilities, with features such as wireless connectivity enabling the automation of ventilation systems, gas monitoring, real-time vehicle and personnel tracking, telemetry of production equipment and remote control of production equipment. This, in turn, dramatically improves efficiency, economic savings, workplace health and safety and sustainability practices,” the two said. 

According to a report carried out by Ericsson in collaboration with the consulting firm Arthur D. Little, the implementation of technological solutions in the mining sector is forecast to triple productivity growth in the mining market by the year 2025.

Thomas Noren, Head of Dedicated Networks for Ericsson, noted that there are deployments in process in several countries currently.

“Ericsson and Becker are working together to create data-driven mines around the world. Wireless connectivity through EP5G creates smarter mines that take advantage of electrification, data and information analysis, machine automation and advanced operations that increase productivity, keep miners safe and cut their carbon footprint,” he added.

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