Epiroc raises the bar for safety with Titan CAS update

Photo: Epiroc

Epiroc has released the fourth generation of its Titan Collision Avoidance System (CAS), bringing significant advancements to enhance safety and operational efficiency in mining environments.

“The Generation 4 Titan CAS is an advanced system that raises the bar for safety and efficiency. It has been designed to meet the latest industry requirements and incorporates state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal performance,” said Eric Baxer, global product manager.

“By harnessing the latest advancements, we’ve engineered a system that surpasses requirements while offering unmatched cost efficiency. At the heart of our commitment to safety is the Generation 4 Titan CAS, which delivers top-tier safety solutions to the mining sector”

Functional enhancements include the addition of an effective advisory zone (Level 8) preceding the intervention zone (Level 9), enabling operators to react promptly to slow down and stop advice; dedicated RF channels allocated for vehicle-to-vehicle (VTV) and vehicle-to-pedestrian (VTP) detection, enhancing detection capabilities; and enhanced low-frequency sensors that provide improved responsiveness and a higher device detection count.

Epiroc said the modularity of the system allows for adaptable technology implementation as on-site needs evolve, ensuring sustained safety and efficiency improvements. Additionally, the Generation 4 Titan CAS offers seamless integration and user experience enhancements, further solidifying its position as a leader in collision avoidance technology in mining.

Source: Epiroc

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