Elemental and Thermogravimetric Analysis in Gold Processing

The ELTRA Elementrac CS-I and TGA Thermostep ML are well-known instruments used for measuring carbon, sulfur, and thermogravimetric properties, and they can play a vital role in optimizing gold recovery during the processing stages. Here’s how these instruments are typically utilized:

ELTRA Elementrac CS-I:

  • The ELTRA Elementrac CS-I is specifically designed for the determination of carbon and sulfur content in various inorganic samples, including gold ores and carbonaceous materials.
  • It utilizes a high-frequency induction furnace to combust the sample at high temperatures, converting the carbon and sulfur present into their respective combustion products (carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide).
  • The combustion gases are then directed through a series of dust, moisture, gas purification traps, and a catalyst tube.  Once this process is complete, the gas flows to a solid-state infrared cell to measure the carbon and sulfur content accurately.  This entire process is completed in roughly 1-2 minutes.  
  • By measuring the carbon and sulfur content, you can assess the organic carbon content of the ore or carbonaceous materials, which is important in gold processing as it affects factors like gold recovery, adsorption, and ore characterization.

TGA Thermostep ML:

  • The TGA Thermostep ML is a thermogravimetric analyzer used for determining the weight changes and thermal properties of samples as they are subjected to controlled temperature programs.
  • It can provide valuable information on the thermal stability, decomposition behavior, and moisture content of materials, which is crucial for understanding the behavior of various components during gold processing.
  • By analyzing the weight loss or gain of a sample over a range of temperatures, you can identify the presence of volatile compounds, assess the decomposition characteristics of organic matter, or evaluate the release of moisture or other volatile species.
  • This information can be used to optimize process parameters, identify potential issues, and improve the overall efficiency of gold recovery processes.

By employing the ELTRA Elementrac CS-I and TGA Thermostep ML instruments during gold processing, you can gain valuable insights into the carbon, sulfur, and thermogravimetric properties of the materials involved. These insights can help in optimizing process conditions, troubleshooting, and ensuring efficient gold recovery.

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