Driving Pioneer Pump® Into the Future with Portable Variable Frequency Drive Solutions

Pioneer Pump®, a brand of Franklin Electric, recently introduced a new, rugged portable variable frequency drive (VFD) engineered to withstand the demands of mobile dewatering applications. Known as the ElectricPAK™ VFD, the platform delivers an intuitive operation experience via a new touchscreen interface known as SmartPrime™. Users benefit from a fast startup and simple monitoring experience, eliminating the need for complex keypad setup, advanced programming skills, or specialized training. Inside the unit, the VFD uses Franklin Electric’s proven electronics to deliver dependable performance and optimized motor control. Choose from two portable VFD package options: mounted to the pump skid to simplify transport and ensure that the pump, motor, and VFD are always ready to go on the jobsite or mounted to a standalone skid for maximum setup versatility and use with different pumping systems. Learn more.

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