Digitalisation, AI at core of new Hudbay, Strayos pairing

Canadian miner Hudbay and visual intelligence group Strayos have joined forces to improve safety, efficiency and productivity at the former’s Constancia mine in Peru to implement Mining 4.0.

Strayos, developer of several AI-based technology platforms, has created several suites of AI-powered tools to improve mining operations from prospect to profit.

Over scheduled phases, Hudbay will add the Strayos Mine Site Analytics AI product suite into its operations. It will also be examining the potential to adopt Strayos’ Drill & Blast AI, Inventory Management AI and 3D Fragmentation Analysis Camera technologies.

Hudbay technical services manager Engels Trejo noted that partnering with Strayos will allow the Constancia operation to increase operational efficiencies and increase overall safety.

Added Strayos CEO Ravi Sahu: “Strayos is very much looking forward to assisting Hudbay to reach its safety and efficiency goals. Our software can analyze data from a variety of devices and sensors – including drones – digitize it and generate accurate insights in seconds that would take humans hours if not days to complete.

“This easy access to insights from mountains of data means Human Intelligence is augmented in a way never before possible. The safety, efficiency, and productivity gains are just incredible.”

Strayos added that its Site Analytics AI will complement Hudbay’s current Mining 4.0 initiatives with AI-powered analysis of site data for highwall safety analysis; haul road surveying and analysis; haul truck performance; and inventory management.

Source: Strayos 

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