Corum produces new KPD Roadheader

The Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant (Corum DrMZ), part of the Corum Group, has completed the production of a new KPD Roadheader for the Pavlogradska coal mine in Ukraine.

The new roadheader is distinguished by its innovative design. Like its predecessor, it has a new visualization system – a user-friendly and intuitive interface that clearly shows the current command. However, a feature of the new machine is a centralized automatic lubrication system, which greatly simplifies roadheader maintenance and increases its reliability.

So far this year, Corum DrMZ has produced five new and repaired three KPD Roadheaders, continuing to work despite the challenges.

“Machine builders continue to provide mines with necessary equipment, which is an important part of the stability of the country’s energy system,” said Corum officials.

Source: Corum Group via LinkedIn

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