Codelco to receive sustainability guidance from Aurubis

Europe’s largest copper producer Aurubis will provide Chile’s state-owned Codelco with technology and know-how to achieve more environmentally responsible mining practices at its operations, reported Reuters.

The news agency said two companies plan more than 15 joint projects. Aurubis will provide Codelco with technical expertise including methods and equipment to reduce air and water emissions, measure and analyse pollution, and address health and safety.

“Aurubis has a great volume of expertise and experience in reducing the environmental impact of copper production in Germany and elsewhere in Europe,” CEO Roland Harings told Reuters.

“We can make this available to Codelco, which in turn, will enable us to achieve a greater level of sustainability in our supply chain and offer the potential for more copper for Europe’s green energy transition.”

The collaboration comes as the copper industry increasingly pushes to ensure copper is responsibly produced from mine to end products.

Codelco is the world’s number-one copper producer.

Source: Reuters

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