Boston Metal expands services in Brazil

U.S.-headquartered Boston Metal said it will deploy its molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) platform technology to recover high-value metals from mining waste in Brazil.

Boston Metal do Brasil, a wholly owned subsidiary, opened in August and construction is underway on facilities in the municipality of Coronel Xavier Chaves near São João del Rei, Minas Gerais.

Boston Metal’s patented MOE technology uses electricity to selectively extract valuable metals from complex, low-concentration materials that are currently considered waste. This enables miners to reduce the financial and environmental liabilities of slag, by leveraging this natural by-product of metal production to create new revenue streams.

Brazilian producer Mineração Taboca S.A. has signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the use of the MOE technology through a collaboration that seeks to advance the efficiency of metals production while demonstrating a sustainable and profitable solution for the mining industry. Process development for the MoU will be performed at Boston Metal do Brasil.

“MOE provides the metals industry with a more efficient, lower cost, and greener solution to produce a variety of metals and alloys from a wide range of feedstocks,” said Itamar Resende, president of Boston Metal do Brasil. 

“We’re looking forward to further developing our high-value metals business and demonstrating the efficiency of our MOE solution to transform mining waste into sources of revenue.”

Commercialization of the MOE technology for high-value metals is expected this year. The technology is also being scaled up for commercial use by the steel industry by 2026. Boston Metal said MOE will be able to convert all grades of iron ore into emissions-free steel.

Source: Boston Metal

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