Boliden declares zinc force majeure

Miner Boliden has reportedly declared a force majeure on deliveries of its Zinc to Norway amid a strike there by workers in the electromechanical industry.

The Swedish-based producer said, according to Reuters, that the strike is targeting a number of electromechanical plants, including its Odda zinc smelter along with Glencore’s nickel refinery in Kristiansand and aluminium output at Norsk Hydro and Alcoa.

The strike action began on 22 August.

While the company did not issue a formal statement, a Boliden spokesperson told Reuters it is currently maintaining business as usual.

“Zinc production is still running to a certain extent, but of course we wish for the situation to return to normal, not least to be able to meet demand from our customers,” the spokesperson said.

“The situation is, however, out of Boliden’s control and difficult to foresee the development of.”

Source: Reuters (Boliden declares force majeure on zinc amid Norway strike | Reuters)

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