Boart Longyear upgrades key system

Boart Longyear has announced the launch of an upgraded Surface Roller Latch Wireline System.

Extending the successful Roller Latch family of wireline tooling, Boart Longyear said its focus was on safety, reliability and productivity. Since its original release, Roller Latch technology has been adopted by the industry’s largest drilling contractors. The newest release of the system improves usability, serviceability, and overall performance.

Boart Longyear has introduced several system improvements. These new features include a new housing that reduces typical drop times by 20% and, up to 60% when paired with W-Wall drill rod. In addition, a new 360-degree swivel joint enables easier handling, and a new release system eliminates the jar staff.

The system improvements continue with a redesigned head, improving core recovery times. This is a surface wireline solution that incorporates dozens of refinements that eliminate spearheads and lifting dogs completely.

“We invented wireline coring, including the outdated spearheads and latches used by our competitors,” said Chris Lambert, global product manager, Boart Longyear. “Our patented technology has been in use for a decade, and we’ve continuously improved the system based on end-user feedback. Our engineers have created a wireline system that completely eclipses every core barrel we’ve released over the last seventy years.”

The Roller Latch family of wireline systems now delivers turnkey solutions for all underground and surface drilling.

Source: Boart Longyear

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