Aramine updates L350D loader

Aramine recently relaunched its updated L350D mining loader, upping its capacity from 3 tonnes on its initial 2020 launch to 4 tonnes today.

The company said the loader has proven its efficiency since its initial unveiling, when it was the only 3.5-ton loader in the market with a comfortable cabin positioned at the center of the machine.

It was designed with robust hydraulic systems, chassis, and transmission, rigorously tested to ensure its capacity to handle a 4-t load in its bucket.

“Today, with over 60,000 cumulative operating hours in just three years, 20 machines in operation and six more in the process of delivery and start-up, we have gained invaluable experience that confirms the exceptional durability of the L350D,” the company said. “The machine, with the record for operating hours, has over 11,555 hours on the clock and remains entirely in its original condition.”

Other key enhancements include:

Upgraded cabin: For increased visibility in both directions, the cabin has been raised, providing an even safer and more ergonomic working environment.

Optional Low-Profile version: We have also created a Low-Profile version with a cabin height of less than 2 meters to meet the requirements of mines with limited spaces.

Environmental commitment: Mindful of our social and environmental responsibility, we have transitioned to a more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly engine as standard, perfectly matched to the machine’s power needs. The L350D is now available in Tier 3 or Tier V versions, depending on the machine’s ultimate destination.

The much-anticipated battery-powered version, the L440B, has its final version currently in production after its prototype passed all required tests.

Source: Aramine